'Novel Insight from Clinical Practice'

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"Новое из клинической практики"

International Cytology School (ICS) - it is platform for education and communication worldwide of specialists whose professional priorities are cytology and clinical microscopy.
Mission - is creating professional personality on the best international heritage and novel insights from clinical practice.

ICS Innovation:

Encourage of audience and attendance to Life Long Learning/LLL

  • Gratis abroad training courses 
  • Preferentional education for apprentice (beginner)
  • Preferentional education for regular audience&attendance

Encourage of  Faculty

  • Preferentional participation in conference and congresse 
  • Opportunity to be an exclusive speaker

Encourage of  Expert-Cytologists

  • Opportunity to be a member of our Team


E -  /is for Engage/attract audience to the lesson for enjoy working together.
S - /is for Study/focus on the most important aspects of education programs, respecting to the past, reforcementand and consolidation new one.
A -  /is for Activate/ ‘study is not for study’ but for tacking a right professional decision on the way to diagnosis,  holding a correct professional communication in format "cytologist-physician"; motivation to LLL.


Start of educational activity of ICS - May 7th, 2019 International Cytology School obtained the official doc - Educational License №040059 .


Director and senior lectuer of ICS   -  Zhanna Sapozhkova, MD,PhD, Member of International Academy of Cytology/MIAC, master in cross-culture communication, author and copyright holder of  PATENT (RUS) 'Sperm Sediment Cytology'.

ICS Faculty - they are an established Key Opinion Leaders/KOL.

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