'Novel Insight from Clinical Practice'

"Новое из клинической практики"


This school owns the scientific ideology oh the first in the world (© 2 726207) kit for human semen examination 'gemstandart-semen analyse'  (s-petersburg, llc gemstandart, russia)
№РЗН 2021/13931 from 06.04.2021


Exclusive right to sell the Kit: LLC Company L & K, Moscow, Russia: lifeendquality@gmail.com  тел. +74993982097, +79267610932

Novaday over 300 specialists of Clinical  Laboratory Diagnostics improved their skills by 'Face2Face'/F2F education. The geography of learners is not only regions of whole Russia but  Belarus, Ukraine, Kazachstan, Kyrgyzstan, аnd of course Moscow and Moscow Region.

Daily more and more colleagues join to our proffesional team.

What is it 'F2F' education in ICS? It means a large teching rooms, modern equpment, a micriscopes for every person, small groups, personalized approach, frendly atmosphere, high-skeeled teachers. Some privileges and opportunities available for each learners.  

What is online education in ICS? This is a personal account on the GetCourse-ICS educational platform in friendly-to-use training room: video lectures by international expert teachers, online chat with them, text documents, recent publications, testing ect. Evrything is in stream system. No trip's costs! Excelent possability to take courses at home! 

The motivation to Life Long Learning with International Cytology School - it is conceptable for our team.


’Language gives knowledge, Knowledge gives confidence, Confidence gives character and Character creates a person’  (https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/understanding-language).  


 'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest' -  Benjamin Franklin    


 'If you're not getting better, you're getting worse' - Joe Paterno


'Once you stop learning, you start dying'   - Albert Einstein


All of these quotes from extremely successful and wise individuals, say the same thing.


You have to keep improving yourself on a daily basis.

You have to keep acquiring knowledge and improving your skills.



Cytology - is Love or Life?